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Initiative of creation of Russian Movement of Ukraine (Russkoye Dvizheniye Ukrainy, RDU) has been brought forward by the Confederation of Russian Communities and Organizations of Western Regions of Ukraine. This initiative was supported by The First Congress of Russians of Ukraine (May of 1999). On the 3d of July 1999 the establishing conference of RDU took place in Kiev. In september the 7th 1999 All-Ukrainian Organization "Russian Movement of Ukraine" was regestered by The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Structure of organization

RDU is the only russian organization in Ukraine that has its departments in all 24 regions of Ukraine, in Autonomous Republic of Krimea, in cities of central subordination Kiev and Sevastopol. Local organizations of RDU have been also created in more than 100 administrative and territorial units of regional subordination. Russian Movement has about 46 thousand members at present.
The Supreme Organ is The Congress. Coordination of work of Russian Movement of Ukraine in recesses between congresses is provided by The Coordinative Councel which includes representatives of all regions, Presidium and Chairman. The Chairman of All-Ukrainian social organization "Russian Movement of Ukraine" is Aleksandr Grigorievich Svistunov.

Purpose and tasks

The main purpose of Russian Movement is to create mechanisms for effective solution of problems of russians of Ukraine, active participation in parliamentary elections and elections of institutions of local government and in forming executive power organs of all levels, defence of rights and lobbing of interests of russians of Ukraine in the sphere of national identity reservation (language, culture, religion etc).
Russian Movement of Ukraine stands also for the following:
1. Refusal from monoethnic model state construction and transition to forming of polyethnic civil society.
2. Active withstanding to any antidemocratical trends in society, to any extremist, authoritarian, nationalistic and chauvinistic and fascist display.
3. Creation of equal conditions for developement of russian culture and cultures of other nations in conformity with european standards.

Activity of organization

As a relatively young organization Russian Movement of Ukraine gradualy widens its activity. RDU cooperates with some deputies of Verhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine and with city mayors and it has some deputies of local selfgovernment organs. RDU departments participate in local elections and in by-elections of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine deputies.
Russian cultural centers in Lvov and Rovno, culturological communities in most regions of Ukraine, creative collectives and amateur theatres withing Russian Movement have constant performances (concerts, festivals, lectures, exhibitions, competitions etc) to preserve and develope russian culture. RDU in regions is in close cooperation with state educational establishments and theatres whose language is russian and they render them active assistance.
Wide range of newspapers is issued in regions under the aegis of Russian Movement (Lvov, Lugansk, Zhitomir, Poltava, Krimea, Ivano-Frankovsk). Informational and publicistic magazine "Russian Movement of Ukraine" is issued.
RDU has developed joint cooperation within International Forum of Ukraine with the most part of national minorities: Christian and Democratic Alliance of Romanians of Ukraine (sirs Konstantin Olaru and Ion Popesku), Transcarpathian Gipsy Community (sir Aladar Adam) and Rusin Community in Uzhgorod (sir Dimitry Sidor).
At present Russian Movement of Ukraine has large-scale campaign all over Ukraine on informing of population about European Charter of regional languages or minority languages, which was ratified on the 24 of December 1999 by ukrainian parliamen. Conferences, discusions, demonstrations with the demand of immediate realization of the Charter regulations in Ukraine are being organized in all regions.

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